The easy way to keep your loved ones safe

The easy way to keep your loved ones safe

About the size of a matchbox, the Minimate device can be carried in your pocket, or worn on a lanyard. It has a speaker and a microphone and acts like a phone when the SOS button is pushed, calling either the 24/7 response centre or your pre-programmed number in an emergency, or sending unlimited SMS or email alerts.

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Keeping your community safe!

Keeping your community safe!

Minimate connects people in vulnerable situations to the help they need with the touch of a button. Using GPS and WiFi technology, Minimate provides accurate location information of the person carrying it and is also a two-way communication device with a full duplex microphone. These features and many more make Minimate the best personal tracking device available in Australia.

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  • Can you really afford not to have a minimate?

    Quick and easy to use
    Lightweight and waterproof
    Can be used as an accurate tracking device
    Accurately locates the device upon the button being pushed
    Inexpensive device that gives piece of mind
    Up to 3-day battery life

  • Pricing (incl GST)

    Device $439 with 12-month warranty
    Plus monthly subscription from $33 per month (includes all cellular data, the latest in tracking software)
    Voice calls $3 per minute
    Up to 10 free sms’s per month ($0.33 each SMS thereafter)